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  • Foundation

    acute occupation of market

    Domestic apparel industry began to burgeon in the 1990s when indigenous clothing’s brand awareness was yet to be fully revived and people’s demands for clothes were muddled. Women’s understanding of fashion was constrained to unified uniform, narrow skirt and shoulder pads, with fabrics being lack of variety and the silhouette being more or less identical. The company accessed the Chinese market at this strategic opportunity period and aroused a heated revolutionary trend in clothing industry.


    In 1992, NOAH (Tianjin) Appareal Co., Ltd. accessed China and joined Tianjin shipping Company in co-building Tianjin Koreano Apparel Co., Ltd. before its expanding its market in China. With its advanced design concept and fashion elements introduced from foreign countries and by successfully combining internationalized clothing style with preference of city women in China, it has been going through trials and errors before accomplishing Koreano, a classical brand featuring fashion, elegance and unique taste. When international brands sprout up in droves after 2000, Koreano has accomplished its rooting and derivation in the Chinese market and witnessed steady headway.


    With advent of the new millennium, women’s wear industry revives. The pattern of ‘business wear’ dominating the fashion world in the 1990s no longer lasts. Varying brands are engaged in brand repositioning and at the same time, international atmosphere gets denser. In 2000, the company worked in tandem with a famous Italian brand to launch Klova, its another masterwork. Designed by designers from Italy and South Korea, its simple and magnificent designing gives to customers an exclusive experience of returning to the innocence. With its classical tender lines, Klova delineates a world featuring co-existence of dignity, fortitude and tenderness. Akin to a ‘black horse’, it woos specific consumption clusters in no time after it was launched to the market and is widely received among city mature women.


    During the stage of steady development, the company not just successfully launches two potent brands but also dabbles in the trade industry. it also wins export award worthy of 5 million USD conferred by Korea International Trade Association. It can be said that each progress made is steady, firm and full of confidence.


    Building of Kingdom of Fashion

    Its success imbeds the resolute of the company to continue to widen its kingdom of fashion and to establish a brand structure. In May, 2005, its headquarter was relocated to the 30,000-square-meter industry park in Xiqing Economic Development Zone. The 8-floor main tower office square is towering and magnificent, its 5-floor dormitory is spacious and bright, and its 3-floor subsidiary building that is used as dining room and hall is reasonably configured and completed in supporting utilities. A new homeland of fashion is thus settled.


    Relocation of the factory helps entrench the company with the environment and ‘fitting’ required of a big enterprise in both looks and hardware, it also accomplishes its conversion from a traditional apparel industry to a trendy and innovative industry and leads to its thorough transformation in terms of independent innovative capacity and enterprise competitiveness. The Company would work with colleges of South Korea and China and introduce professional technological and managerial talents (South Korea: Hanyang University; China: Nankai University, Tianjin University, Jilin University, Yan’an University, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Tianjin Polytechnic University, Tianjin Fine Arts Academy and so forth). Both Klova and Koreano have established their professional research, development and designing teams so that they would witness round improvement in terms of brand image, product designing, particularities of techniques, development and production of accessories, team management and marketing services.


    To boot, the company successively introduced such professional software as ERP management system, Yum storefront management system and the like since the second half of 2007 so as to engage in more efficient and accurate enterprise management. The company thus entered the stage of scientific management in all-out manner.


    speedy expansion

    The first decade of the new millennium was approaching an end and the company already saw its achievement in brand strategy and scientific management. With global financial storm sweeping the whole globe, many emerging middle and small-sized enterprises went belly-up, but the enterprise’s kingdom of fashion was firmly erected and made headway with robust and growing turnover. As the company gradually expands, the company’s leaders increasingly realize the importance of governance and prosperity of enterprise with culture. In July, 2009, enterprise journal, its cultural campsite, was established. At the same time, staff training and publicity of enterprise culture is gradually underway, all for an effort of becoming the carrier of ‘fashion + culture’. With decades-long efforts, it produces the cultural core of ‘love, faith and reasonable reflection’ that forms rich cultural connotation via incessant deduction and extension. The enterprises march towards the stage of cultural management.


    extension of internationalized track
    2015 till now

    The strategic policies of independent management that aggregate designing, research and development, production and sales have been witnessed and acknowledged by both history and the field after two decades. It eventually racks up steady market shares in China and takes the lead despite the historic and economic turbulence. Many companies follow its suite. But the enterprise at this time found its new target and casted its vision on foreign design resources and integrated marketing.


    In 2015, Bosideng International Holding Limited invested in KOREANO and NOAH. With alliance among the powerful, they form a new strategic association. KOREANO and NOAH merged and established Klova(Tianjin) Apparel Co., Ltd. and Uno (Tianjin) Apparel Co., Ltd.. UNO has the brand ownership of both Klova and Koreano and is responsible for the sales, research, development designing and brand operation and management system. KLOVA is responsible for preparation and operation of new brands and projects.


    For the moment, KLOVA is initiating its middle-term planning and is in the works for being listed. It also casts its vision on the international market so as to produce diversified brands more in alignment with demands of modern women. At the same time, new management upgrading and operational model are gradually initiated when dozens of functional departments form five major operational systems for systematic management. Its research and development orientation is gradually transiting towards the market-dominated model and its pursuit of quality is consummate. The company is inching closer to its goal of being a listed enterprise in an elaborate and ambitious way.


    It marks another ascend of the company in over two decades. Only the powerful can initiatively challenge new peaks and only the savvy can foretell risks and avert all obstacles. It is KLOVA spirit that features patience and steady progress.

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