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  • Big events

    SINCE 1992
    • 1992It worked with China Tianjin Shipping Company in building the first joint venture
    • 2000 It founded South Korea branch company of South Korea Koreano Trade Company
    • 2003 NOAH (Koreano) Appareal Co., Ltd. was founded that was engaged in business trade
    • 2003 NOAH (Koreano) Appareal Co., Ltd. invested 10 million USD in China
    • 2004 It won the export reward worth of 10 million USD on the day of trade (Korean International Trade Association)
    • 2005 Factory in China Tianjin Xiqing Development Zone was completed that covered 30,000 square meters
    • 2006 Increment of capital
    • 2006 Factory was founded in South Korea Jiulao Industry Park. High-end production base was established with high-end sewing technologies
    • 2007 South Korean office was relocated to Apgujeong
    • 2009 The first company periodical was established and distributed
    • 2013 The brand of Klova and Koreano was respectively registered in Italy and South Korea
    • 2015 It was converted to a holding company of Bosideng International Holding Limited with successful capital investment
    • 2016 It planned to be relocated to Wuqing Factory with the goal for being listed being set up
    • 2017 It initiated the comprehensive upgrading planning on management and brand
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